5 things Every Lagosian Can Relate To On Showmax’s Crime And Justice Lagos


A city that never sleeps, Lagos is home to people from all walks of life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As Nigeria’s major economic hub and epicenter of social life, Lagos attracts diverse people, some of who bring along a variety of threats and social vices. All of these and more are highlighted in Showmax Original drama series, Crime and Justice Lagos.

The crime series is set against the backdrop of Africa’s largest and most densely populated city, Lagos touching on themes including kidnap, female genital mutilation, secret cults and more.

Here are 5 things every Lagosian can relate to on Crime and Justice Lagos.

Lagos Traffic

Lagos traffic remains undefeated. Even if you leave your house at the same time every day, you can never know when you’re going to arrive at your destination. This is comparable to the time SP Kelechi got stood up by Tunde during their romantic date because of this same Lagos traffic. But are we certain Lagos traffic was really to blame for that delay?

Street Smarts

Lagos is not a place for the timid or weak-willed, as was demonstrated in the 2nd episode of Crime and Justice Lagos when area boys succeded in making SP Danladi and SP Kelechi look incompetent after robbing them of 3 million Naira intended as ransom. If you don’t shine your eyes, Lagos Agberos and other people around you will show you pepper. Truly, if Lagos never show you, then you never arrive Lagos. You still be JJC.

Oro Festival

Every true Lagosian understands that the fear of Oro is the beginning of wisdom. The age-long festival which is celebrated by traditionalists in South-West Nigeria, is one steeped in mysteries.

A curfew is usually declared when Oro is meant to parade a community, and females are confined indoors. The restriction also extends to males who are non-initiates and non-natives. Lagosians know not to venture outside during an event like the Oro Festival, unlike Onome and Mori, two innocently parading women who were victims of the festival in the drama series.


Like the hit Banky W track says, “Ain’t no party like the Lagos party”, but whatever your eyes see, you must take.  

Lagos can be an insanely stressful place to reside. From unjustifiable traffic to theft  and area boys who are constantly after your hard-earned money, there’s always something to contend with, and Crime and Justice Lagos brings this to life in every way.

Police Brutality

Police brutality is something a good number of Lagosians have experienced in some form. In the fourth episode of Crime and Justice Lagos, Oluwashindara, a young woman and her friends are victims of this act.

Catch the 5th episode of Crime and Justice Lagos currently streaming on Showmax.

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