Hermes Becomes The Head of House For The Second Time This Season

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The sixth Big Brother Naija Level Up Head of House game saw 15 housemates fight to be the chosen one immune from possible eviction as Dotun rounded up his week as the HOH.

Welcoming them, Biggie announced that they would play two rounds of games to determine the next HoH. However, the incumbent Head of House, Dotun, and Tail of House, Sheggz, were exempted from playing the games.

Unlike Sheggz, Big Brother was satisfied with Allysyn’s performance as last week’s Tail of House and relieved her of the title. Biggie made Sheggz repeat one more week as the house’s tail. He switched out the clown outfit the footballer was required to wear with an apron that read, “at your service”. Along with wearing the apron the whole week, Big Brother told the other housemates, except Doyin and Dotun, that they could send Sheggz on errands.

This week’s rules stated that the top two male and female housemates from the first round would qualify to play the second round. Whoever won the second round would become the next HoH and win the benefits of immunity from the week’s nomination. These benefits include exclusive rights to the HoH bedroom, veto power save and replace, the opportunity to pick a roommate and Showmax movie date nights.

With 90 seconds to play the first game, the qualified housemates were provided with a fishing pole with a magnetic hook to catch as many fish as possible from behind a white line. Each coloured fish had different values written on a board in the arena. Big Brother revealed the value of each fish at the end of the first game.

Chomzy, Eloswag, Chi Chi, and Hermes qualified for the second round. In the second game, Big Brother asked them to catch the fish with the ‘HOH’ inscription on its body. Each qualified housemate had 30 seconds to find the inscribed fish. Like the first game, there was a black line to indicate where the players could not cross.

Hermes won the game for his second time this season and chose Allysyn as his HoH roommate. As a companion to the HoH, she will receive unlimited access to the Head of House bedroom but no immunity against the week’s nominations.

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