Rudeboy Paul Okoye’s Divorce update


But one common thing among these reactions is most social media users have faulted Rudeboy as they blamed him for being responsible especially since he’s been unforgiving towards his twin brother, Peter Okoye aka Mr. P.

abikemi._ asked: “If he can choose not to reconcile with his own brother o, who you con be?”

itisugochukwu said: “That’s why you don’t allow a woman get in between you and your blood, E get why.”

swat_onyx wrote: “And the other one is thriving successfully. This should tell you guys that tribe has nothing to do with marriage compatibility.”

heisjayd stated: “This can not happe. Pls God help them reconcile whatever the difficult difference.”

dimmcolor asked: “Could it be that the BOY is really RUDE?

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