This Week On Miss Malaika Ghana – The Big Pitch


“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Fail. Try again. Change the world! – Simon Sinek.

14 ladies, 7 groups, 7 novel business ideas all on “The Emerald Season”. The delegates have one task; to develop an Online Business and demonstrate how to recoup invested capital within a year. They are required to use Vodafone’s newly introduced digital service platform called “Your Business Online”. The platform aims at driving SME business growth and is thus ideal for the delegates’ New business.

Welcome to our Business Pitch Episode – ‘The Big Pitch’

Becoming an entrepreneur is nurturing a commercially viable idea, creating the business, bearing the risks and solving a problem or providing a need and subsequently enjoying rewards(profits).

However, the journey between the first and final step can be long and rough especially for a “Gen Z”. In view of these challenges the “Big Pitch’ has successful business executives serving as judges and potential investors.

Let’s watch who is prepared enough to grab the opportunities lined up. Here is the future as props lay in one hand and business ideas on the other, elegantly styled with GTP, the delegates are all set for the Big Pitch.

Our Business Gurus are; Kweku Darteh Anane –Appiah – Marketing Communications Strategist, Edwin Kwasi Seglah – SME Regional Sales Manager – Vodafone and Trudy Boateng, Owner of Studio 7 Beauty Lounge and 2nd Runner up Miss Malaika 2009.

“I really believe these ladies are really on to something great. As young people it is easy to get ‘lost’ in youthful shenanigans and lose focus on the big picture. I am extremely encouraged for a brighter future for the youth through platforms like Miss Malaika who offer young ladies the opportunity to learn and build themselves to become better in society” – Kweku Darteh, one of the judges.

Do you have a business idea? Are you an entrepreneur or hope to be one? This episode is specially designed for you and yours. Prepare to learn, adjust an idea, be encouraged to do and be more on this episode. Grab a pen and a notepad!

Catch this educational episode TONIGHT on GHOne TV and Mx24 at 9pm and streaming live on all Miss Malaika socials.

To vote your favorite to ensure their continuous stay in the competition and subsequently becoming the next Miss Malaika Queen, simply dial 71180# and enter the delegates code as provided above to vote. Visit Miss Malaika Ghana official pages on all socials for more.

Miss Malaika Ghana is a Charterhouse production and is proudly sponsored by GTP, Club Shandy, and Vodafone with support from Lux, Pepsodent, Vaseline, Tasty Tom and Garnier.

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