Twerking Wendy Shay threatens to snatch someone’s man with her slim waist in ‘wild’ video


Wendy Shay has left the internet talking with a jaw-dropping video of herself twerking.

The Ghanaian singer shared the video across her social media channels to announce the release of her latest single titled ‘BMW’ as the initials for “Break My Waist”.

In the video, Wendy Shay who disclosed in June that she is born again, tied a white piece of wrapper around ‘back side’ over a crop top that leaves her waist and beads on display, to show her Netizens how bad she is when it comes twerking and dancing seductively.

Wendy Shay was dancing to the part of the song that says ‘whine and go down break your waist … she bad but I am badder than Selina … I will use the small waist to snatch your boy’.

The video posted 16 hours ago has gathered over 191,000 views on Instagram with more than a thousand comments from its viewers who got a lot to say. “ I thought u are Christian now who is going use music to preach. What happen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, the world is sweet innit“, a commenter @remain411 wrote.

Another person @albert____jay said “I swear Wendy go sweet. You made my day” with @adzimonica8 adding that “so this is what u have been hiding from our husbands erh oh fine“. Watch the video below.

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